Monday, November 06, 2006

Cruisin' the Archive - Tea Leaf Green

I think I almost talk way too much about Tea Leaf Green, but why not they're one of the better bands I've heard and seen in the past few years. Two weeks ago they played at the High Noon Saloon (to see pictures check out this post) and I found the recording on the Live Music Archive to share.

Tea Leaf Green
October 20, 2006
High Noon Saloon

Set 1
1. Georgie P
2. Kali Yuga
3. Criminal Intent
4. One Reason
5. Rattlin'
6. Ride Together
7. Rapture
8. Country Seduction
9. Barnacle Betty
10. These Two Chairs

Set 2
1. Asphalt Funk
2. Hot Dog
3. Papa's in the Backroom
4. Sex in the 70's *
5. Planet of Green Love
6. Emma Lee
1. Lil Hood
2. If it Wasn't for the Money
3. Without a Broom
4. E1: Taught to be Proud
5. E2: Deathcake

Please remember to not redistribute these files. To download the .flac files for this show please vist the Live Music Archive.

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