Monday, October 23, 2006

Tea Leaf Green @ High Noon Saloon

All photos courtesy of Matt Edlhuber. He also has more pictures from the show at his website.

Set I:

Georgie P
Kali Yuga
Criminal Intent
One Reason
Country Suduction
Barnacle Betty
These two chairs

Set II:

Asphalt Funk
Hot Dog
Papas' in the bathroom
Emma Lee
Sex in the 70's (w. Marcus Rezak of 56 Hope Road & contained "This Land is Your Land teases")
Planet of Green Love
Lil Hood
If it Wasn't for the Money
Without a Broom

E I:
Taught to be proud


Pretty much my favorite Tea Leaf Green show I have ever attended. I remember during Hot Dog standing in the back of the venue pretty much jaw dropped to the floor in awe thinking is this really happening? It sure was and it only got better. The Planet of Green Love went over well with the crowd as someone exchanged hats with Ben C. that featured a special kind of leaf. At one point during Taught to be Proud I remember thinking that it was almost bar time and getting worried that this show may end, but it didn't as pretty much Deathcake was just out of control and I walked out thinking that this show may have been better that my Radiohead experience at Alpine Valley in 02.

Anybody else attend the show? Comment away!


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