Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Odds and Ends

I thought I would make a pretty decent size post with a lot of music before I go out of town. Unfortunatetly, I'm not doing anything too exciting but working somewhere else and putting a lot of hours in starting tomorrow.

I'd also like to welcome Charlie to the blog, he started Phish & Chips the radio show with me 2 years ago and still continues to DJ on WSUW-FM with his own show, Jerry's Pine Party on Friday nights from 8PM to 2AM CST. I know Charlie will be posting his setlists weekly, and probably adding a few kind words and sounds here and there.

We'll start off with some Fat Maw Rooney, a band I featured on Taste of Cheese a few weeks ago.

MP3: FMR 10/21/05 - War Pigs (Black Sabbath Cover)
MP3: FMR 1021/05 - Minnesota

Did I mention I'm a fan of 311?

MP3: 311 10/15/2005 - All Mixed Up
MP3: 311 10/15/2005 - Amber
MP3: 311 10/15/2005 - Feels So Good

Torrent crazy!
tlg2006-01-20.flac1644 - Sandbar Sports Grill - Vail, CO.torrent
Black Crowes - 2005-12-31 - MSG-NYC, NY
Tim Palmieri & Adrian Tramontano (The Breakfast) - 2006-01-14: North Branford, CT
Neil Young - 1971-01-19 (Late), Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada (FLAC)
Jimi Hendrix 1968-03-17 Blues At Midnight (FLAC)


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