Saturday, December 02, 2006

moe. - The Conch Preview

I know you may be asking me why I'm previewing this album or giving it any kind of recognition before it's January 23rd release date because lets be honest thats a long time from now. However, I've always enjoyed moe. a lot except when they cover Radiohead's Karma Police. The first time I was able to see moe. was at Summerfest I believe in 2001 when they announced that they were taking the spot of The Guess Who (thank you music gods). moe.'s last studio album seemed like years ago with Wormwood that yes I did purchase but I'd rather collect all those Warts & All collection. Hopefully, after the four year hiatus of studio albums we can see what a jam band is not known for....creating a great studio album and I think moe. can definately produce with their new album The Conch.

Track Listing
1. Blue Jeans Pizza
2. Lost Along The Way
3. The Conch
4. Tailspin
5. Tubing The River Styx
6. The Pit
7. Another One Gone
8. Wind It Up
9. y eaux Massa
10. Down Boy
11. She
12. Where Does The Time Go
13. Summer o i
14. The Road
15. MacIntyre Range
16. The Col
17. Brittle End

Tour Dates
12/30 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY
12/31 - Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY
1/7-14/06 - moe. 2007 Cruise
1/25 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO
1/26 - Gothic Theatre - Englewood, CO
1/27 - Fillmore Auditorium - Denver, CO
1/28 - Liberty Hall - Lawrence, KS
2/1 - The Eagles Club - Milwaukee, WI

To see the remaining dates for the Winter tour please visit their website.

moe. - Wind it Up
moe. - Down Boy
moe. - The Road
moe. - Blue Jeans & Pizza

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