Sunday, October 29, 2006

Public Property Gear Stolen

A little PSA for everyone

Friends and fans,

About $10,000 of Public Property's equipment was stolen sometime last night or early this morning from our trailer in Iowa City, IA (today is Sunday Oct. 29th). This happened in an alley off south Johnson St. If any of you see or hear about the equipment listed below, please contact us on myspace or our website and let us know. There will be a reward to anyone who can give us the tip that will lead us to our equipment and/or the people that stole it. The general list of stolen stuff is: 2 electric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars, 2 basses, 1 ukuelele, 1 Roland keyboard, 1 guitar amplifier, 1 guitar amp head, several drum cymbals, 1 floor tom. The detailed list is below. Please contact us if you know anything. Thanks,

Here's the list:

Roland KB-800 keyboard
Roland keyboard amplifier with 1 12" speaker
keyboard was in a case

Fender Squire 5 string P-bass, sunburst color with white pick guard and J bass pickups
black Kramer 4 string P-bass
both basses were in one black, nylon case

Carlos Robelli (chinese made) steel string Parlor acoustic guitar with a case
81' Ibanez AS-200 artist electric semi-hollow body guitar, sunburst color with gold hardware, in a hard case (serial number starts with C81)
71' Fender bassman amp head (serial number A59275, internally customized)

2001 or 2003 65' reissue Fender twin reverb amp, with C12N speakers (not stock), and a Korg tuner in the back of it
2001 62' reissue Fender telecaster electric guitar, sunburst color with a white pickup, in a tweed case
La Patrie nylon string acoustic guitar with a pickup in it, in a hard, black case
a Lanikai ukulele, 4 string tenor cutaway uke with a Shadow pickup, in a black hard case

14" remo floor tom sparkle finish
9" Zildjian Zil-Bel
10" Sabian AAX splash
10" Zildjian A Splash
14" Sabian AA Clocktagon
14" Zildjian A New Beat hi-hats(top and bottom)
16" Sabian AAX Crash
18" Sabian AA Crash
18" Wuhan China
20" Istanbul Ping Ride
Sabian Cymbal Bag (Black)
Gator Cases Floor Tom Bag(Black)


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