Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fat Maw Rooney Live from Campout Roots Festival

Fat Maw Rooney is gearing up for their 10,000 Lakes Festival appearence, and if you're attending I'd recommend to check them out. Just to give you more reason to go here is their latest show available from the Live Music Archive. In addition, FMR is having their first annual Fat Fest. I previously posted on Fat Fest 2006 here to find more information.

Fat Maw Rooney
June 10, 2006
Campout Roots Festival
Black River Falls, WI

1. Unload My Head
2. Shapeshift
3. Man Alone
4. Pain's Highway
5. Fat Fest 2006 Promo
6. The Weight
7. Grassroots -> The Traveler -> Drum Jam -> Grassroots
8. All the Good Friends are Taken #
9. War Pigs
10. Encore-banter...
11. Drank You Out

# Timmy from (God Johnson) on malotica

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