Friday, June 02, 2006

Play Pause Stop

The Duo has recently announced the track listing for their upcoming CD set for release on July 11th. I'm really excited to hear this album, and the release comes just in time for 10KLF. The Duo will be hitting a lot of the major festivals this year including WDST Mountain Jam, Wakarusa, Allgood, and 10KLF. You can check out the summer tour featuring the Duo with Trey and Mike Gordon at

The track listing is as follows:
Benevento/Russo Duo "Play Pause Stop"
1. Play Pause Stop (7:57)
2. Echo Park (3:44)
3. Soba (4:49)
4. Best Reason to Buy the Sun (5:40)
5. Powder (3:44)
6. Something for Rockets (6:05)
7. Walking, Running, Viking (3:16)
8. Hate Frame (8:14)
9. Memphis (4:17)

Benevento/Russo (3/31/06) - Play Pause Stop
Benevento/Russo (3/31/06) - Echo Park
Benevento/Russo (4/13/06) - 9x9
Benevento/Russo (4/13/06) - Paranoid Android>Hateframe
Benevento/Russo (4/13/06) - Becky


Blogger francis said...

nice post. never heard of these guys before but i definately dig. check my blog out at and lemme know your opinion

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen these guys a couple of times at a club in Fl. They are the best at improv jazz. Thanks for the tracks and buy the studio stuff its just as good the live stuff.

6:29 PM  

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