Monday, May 01, 2006

Phish Soundcheck 1993

Some more Phish to start your Monday off right....I came across this the other week and thought I'd share it with you. The picture above is not from the IC Light Amphitheater, but it is from here.

IC Light Amphitheater
Pittsburgh, PA

1. Buffalo Bill
2. Guyute
3. Jam
4. Train Medley Jam
5. Funky Bitch
6. Bass Jam


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is simply amazing. if you have this entire show, which featured of all things a train passing them but a few dozen feet behind them, as well as an antelope with an improvised cut-out to a fireworks show which was taking place at old Three Rivers Stadium!!! - well, if you have this show then hosting,posting,whatevering it would be tremendous. this was my first phish show - this would be THE perfect 'TIME CAPSULE' show - the memories of another time would be priceless. if you've gotten this far then i hope you will reply or add to the comment...

2:16 AM  
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