Thursday, February 16, 2006

Taste of Cheese (Wisconsin Exposure 3 of 5)

I'm really late on this post, but you know things happen. Three weeks ago, on a drunken crusade I traveled to Milwaukee and attended eVibe's show at the BBC on North Ave. Recycled Future opened, but definately something wrong with the sound. Vocals were all over, and I hope that wasn't on purpose so my luck definately changed when eVibe took the stage.

I go to Miwaukee a lot. I try to see a show every time I go the city, and I was happy enough that I caught this one. There was something about this band, probably the violin that wanted me to hear more when they were done, but that never happened. I remember they covered a song by Radiohead and I was like wow this is a good cover and I'd like to see more.

eVibe's next show is February 24 at Linneman's Riverwest Inn on 1001 Locust St. I recommend to check them out.

[MP3] Marshmallow
[MP3] Prolapse
[MP3] Walkin' Jam
[MP3] The West Allis Stomp


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