Thursday, December 01, 2005

My World Begins to Spin

Two more shows to go for "Phish & Chips" on WSUW and tomorrow being the last entire set of Phish music ever on the program well at least until next semester when a new host is announced. I've waited 2 years now and finally I believe its time to play my favorite Phish show... April 5, 1998...the Island tour...from the Providence Civic Center in the smallest state Rhode Island. A review is linked below. Review

I'm a little late of this but wow!
Anti-Trey graffiti? This is crazy, some idiot spray painted "Fuck you Trey", "Fuck the Lizards", "Here's your fucking helping friendly book", "Fuck Wilson", "Fuck Aaron Wolfe" were just a few of the slogans. These slogans were spray painted at the venue of Trey's 11/17 Albany show....why?

TUNE IN TONIGHT at 6PM CST.... Stream Phish & Chips here!


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