Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Rockin' at Vegoose

Sorry for the delay, but maybe paying your cable bill can help you also stay online. Friday night was definately an interesting Phish & Chips show. First, I thought the Trey performance from Vegoose was good, but definately missing something. I fully enjoyed his acoustic set after listening to it again, but when he switched back to electric I felt a new energy that I hadn't heard from Trey along side 70 Volt Parade. Jen Hartswick should also get a lot of credit, because she appeared throughout the acoustic songs. I would also like to thank Justin at Livemusicblog.com for linking WSUW's stream to his site. After everyone attempting to log on I checked our streaming computer and realized we need a new one if this keeps happening because well we built that computer with about a million other computers and it was definately having some problems. So thanks everyone for listening and don't forget about this Friday's show!

Double Down Stage
Las Vegas, NV

Push on Til The Day
Snight Speaks To a Woman
Sleep Again
46 Days
Inlaw Josey Wales
Back On The Train
Flock of Words
Brian and Robert
Air Said to Me
Money Love and Change>
Encore: Come As Melody

Revision - Storm
Michael Franti & Spearhead - Yens & Euros
Mofro - Dirtfloorcracka
YMSB - New Horizons (w. John Popper)
Ekoostic Hookah - Solsbury Hill
Govt. Mule - Time to Confess
Mathew Haeffel Band - Believe
Lotus - Spirtualized
Ratdog - Shade of Grey
NMAS - Goin' Down South
WSP - Tall Boy
Tea Leaf Green - Earth & Sky>Ride Together (Reprise)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Slogans (w.Eric Clapton on guitar)
Umphrey's McGee - "Jimmy Stewart"
Fat Maw Rooney - Unload my Head
Stealin' Strings - Runaway Dogs
Keller Williams - Stinky Green


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Mathew Haeffel Band Rules!!!

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