Monday, October 10, 2005

My Friend My Friend

After an eventful day on Thursday night, I was determined to make Friday a much more successful night. After waiting in line for about an hour at the DMV I finally got my new drivers license (more importantly my ticket into the bars). I really had no idea what I planned to play on Friday night but I stumbled uponJuly 10, 1994, double checked the setlist and went with it. Overall, Set I was more then I expected and I was quite pleased. My highlights were "My Friend My Friend", and Peaches.

July 10, 1994

Chalk Dust Torture
Peaches En Regalia
If I Could
My Friend My Friend

ALO - Wasting Time
John Brown's Body - Blazing Love
Peach Truck Republic - Handsome Johnny
Acoustic Syndicate - Talk
Burnt Toast n' Jam - For the Artist
Ratdog - Shade of Grey*
Signal Path - Kaliedoscope
Oysterhead - Army's On Ecstasy
Umphrey's McGee - Plunger
Ween - Booze Me Up
Garaj Mahal - Gulum Sabri
Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains - Electric Ghost
Nucleus - The Sooner You Learn
Tea Leaf Green - Earth & Sky*
moe. - She Sends Me*
Big Wu - Red Sky
Widespread Panic - All Time Low
Perpetual Groove - Three Weeks
Stealin' Strings - Gotta Get Out*
Willie Nelson - I'm a Worried Man
John Butler Trio - Company Sin
Allman Brothers - High Cost of Low
Ben Harper - Burn One Down/My Own Two Hands*

* request

Adds for the week
Tea Leaf Green


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