Thursday, September 01, 2005

ekoostik hookah announces semi-hiatus

ekoostik hookah has announced a "semi-hiatus" after 12 straight years on the road. Here is what they said on their official website:

Dear Friends,

We'd like to begin by thanking each of you for another wonderful year of support. From The Newport to Frontier Ranch to The Ledges, we continue to see your smiling faces and each of us feel incredibly blessed to be a part of your lives.

As you're probably aware, it's been increasingly popular in the music community as of late to declare a formal hiatus from playing. Having never been into conformity, we've decided to not go down that particular road. We have, however, decided as a band that we are in need of a much-deserved rest. After more than 13 years on the road without a significant break from playing, we are looking forward to spending a few months with our families and friends as well as reflecting on where we've been and where we're headed next. By no means should this be viewed as an end to ekoostik hookah and the incredible community that you all have helped us build over the last decade. Instead, we hope you will join us in seeing this opportunity as a new beginning for us and our music as we move forward, refreshed and inspired, into the years to come.

Following our New Year's Eve shows at the end of the year, we will take a short break from playing as ekoostik hookah before returning in early Spring '06. We sincerely appreciate your continued support, and will undoubtedly be seeing you…

Somewhere Down the Line,

ekoostik hookah

With that being said you can still see ekoostik hookah until October 1st including their annual Hookahville that starts tomorrow.


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