Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cruising on Friday Nights

Everything went almost right on Friday night. Friday night was pretty much the first day the station has been on-air all day since the last transmitter decided it did not want to work anymore. So of course there was some bugs, but we fixed that shortly into the evening. I decided to play yet another Alpine Show that I attended because well it was my first show and I wanted the listeners to experience my first show if they were listening to their first Phish & Chips. Thanks everyone for calling in and congrats to whoever won the free Toppers pizza...

July 8, 2000
Set II
Alpine Music Valley

Heavy Things
Rock & Roll
Walk Away
The Horse>
Silent in the Morning
Suzy Greenbery>
Tweezer Reprise

DJ Williams Projekt - Woman
Govt Mule - Beautifully Broken *request
Green Lemon - Mess
Jupiter Coyote - Chances
Ween - Booze Me Up *request
Xavier Rudd - No Woman No Cry
Herbie Hancock & Headhunters - Chameleon
SCI - Hey Poky Way
Peach Truck Republic - All In Good Time
John Butler Trio - Zebra
Motet - Know Her
Mofro - How Junior Got His Head Put Out *request
Neil Young - Cowgirl in the Sand *request
Tea Leaf Green - Panspermic De-evolution>Ticket to Ride>Pasnpermic De-evolution
New Monsoon - The Sound
Burnt Toast & Jam - For The Artist
Moonshine Still - Mr.Munson
Willie Nelson - Do You Mind Too Much If I Dont Understand
moe. - Spaz Medicine *request
Hot Butter Rum String Band - Greendrop>Cumberland Blues

Next week I'm going to be giving away more free stuff and also playing the soundtrack to your Friday nights.


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