Saturday, August 06, 2005

Opening Act

Well, I jumped on the blog bandwagon and decided I would entertain you for at least thirty seconds or less. This blog will contain setlists from my radio show "Phish & Chips" weekly, and more than likely a few posts that I create while I am completely bored and full of knowledge.

"Phish & Chips" began in the spring of 2004, and has been playing on the airwaves every Friday while school is in session. The goal was to explore what made Phish so great and why the people flocked toward their live shows. It was simply too easy after sitting back and listening to hours on end of Phish shows that I picked up from various sources. However, things have changed a small bit. I stopped playing entire Phish shows during my 4 hour sets each Friday nights and usually just play one set from whatever show I have lined up for the week. I enjoy doing this because that means I have more time to let everyone listen to other great music that I stumble upon.

We're less than a month away before "Phish & Chips" takes its final voyage on the airwaves of 91.7 WSUW.


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