Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hedgpeth Festival

In a little over a month, Hedgpeth will be moving into my backyard from July 28-29 in Twin Lakes, WI. With over 50 bands already named to this year's inaugural lineup including The Flaming Lips and the return of Primus, I don't think I can miss this (hopefully I can recover for a wedding on the 30th). Tickets are cheap at $25 for a 1-day pass and the 2-day pass is only $50 (compare that to grass seats for DMB at $55). Other bands include Minus The Bear, Rusted Root, Peeping Tom, Kings of Leon, Hot Hot Heat, Slightly Stoopid, Freshwater Collins and many more.

For more information please visit hedgpethfest.com

Monday, June 26, 2006

FatFest 2006

If you haven't heard about FatFest 2006, you may be missing out! It's a 3 day event in Minnesota City, MN from July 6-8 with a lineup featuring many great bands from the Midwest. For this 3 day weekend of great music it costs you only $35 and $5 to camp. You can purchase tickets by going to the FatFest 2006 website.

Current lineup:
Oteil and the Peacemakers
Fat Maw Rooney
Trampled by Turtles
God Johnson
The White Iron Band
Stealin' Strings
Down Lo
56 Hope Road
The Northwoods Band
The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank
Beet Root Stew
Chinese Fingertrap

Trevor Garrod Live from Wakarusa

This is a very nice intimate set with Trevor Garrod of Tea Leaf Green live from Wakarusa Music Festival a few weeks ago. This performance was acoustic and performed at The Porch.

Trevor Garrod
Wakarusa Music Festival
June 11, 2006

1. intro
2. Dreaming Without Sleeping
3. We All Died
4. Sweet Country Girl
5. Emily
6. Drink Of Streams
7. All Of Your Cigarettes
8. Rattlin'
9. Flippin' The Bird
10. Don't Let It Down

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So you wanna get up and dance? Well, Kinetix definately brings that energy with their funk and rock thats definately gets you moving. Kinetix got their start by playing shows in Denver and have recently competed in Battlerusa succesfully making it to this year's 10,000 Lakes Festival. This 5 piece made up of Eric Blumfeld (keyboards/vocals), Adam Lufkin (acoustic guitar/vocals), Jordan Linit (electric guitar), Josh Fairman (bass), and Jack Gargan (drums) are definately a band I'll be checking out this year at 10KLF.

Kinetix - Talking to Faces
Kinetix - Get Up
Kinetix - Ruined It


Monday, June 19, 2006

Live from the Archives - Andrew Bird

While watching the Roo this year, well I guess streaming the Roo I was able to catch Andrew Bird's set. I wasn't really familar with Andrew Bird's music, but Bird definately can play a mean violin (if there is such a thing). I grabbed a pretty good set from March 26th, 2005 from the Columbia Club in Berlin.

1. Intro
2. Sovay
3. Why?
4. A Nervous Tick Motion of the Head to the Left
5. Fake Palindromes
6. Skin is, My
7. Lull


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

State Radio Live from the The Space

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been pretending to be busy. However, State Radio has caught my ear as of late with with their politically charged messages and of course Charlie Stokes being a favorite of mine from his time with Dispatch.

State Radio
February 15th, 2006
The Space
Hamden, CT

01. Intro
02. The Waitress
03. Mr. Larkin
04. CIA
05. Gunship Politico
06. Heady Riser
07. Camilo
08. Man in the Hall
09. Olli Olli
10. Riddle in Londontown
11. Fight No More Forever
12. Democracy in Kind
13. Good Graces
14. Time Served
15. Right Me Up
16. The Diner Song

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

TLG's Taught To Be Proud

So as some of you might know, I'm pretty obsessed with Tea Leaf Green. I've already seen them four times, and hopefully a few more by the end of the year. Anyways, on TLG's Myspace page you can now download their studio version of "Taught to be Proud".


So go download it, and if you like it buy the album.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Play Pause Stop

The Duo has recently announced the track listing for their upcoming CD set for release on July 11th. I'm really excited to hear this album, and the release comes just in time for 10KLF. The Duo will be hitting a lot of the major festivals this year including WDST Mountain Jam, Wakarusa, Allgood, and 10KLF. You can check out the summer tour featuring the Duo with Trey and Mike Gordon at www.beneventorussoduo.com/shows.htm

The track listing is as follows:
Benevento/Russo Duo "Play Pause Stop"
1. Play Pause Stop (7:57)
2. Echo Park (3:44)
3. Soba (4:49)
4. Best Reason to Buy the Sun (5:40)
5. Powder (3:44)
6. Something for Rockets (6:05)
7. Walking, Running, Viking (3:16)
8. Hate Frame (8:14)
9. Memphis (4:17)

Benevento/Russo (3/31/06) - Play Pause Stop
Benevento/Russo (3/31/06) - Echo Park
Benevento/Russo (4/13/06) - 9x9
Benevento/Russo (4/13/06) - Paranoid Android>Hateframe
Benevento/Russo (4/13/06) - Becky
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